Heidegger, Being, and Tenet

I have previously analysed the film Tenet, written and directed by Christopher Nolan to lukewarm reviews, from the perspective of political economy. I would like to now approach the art film from the perspective of philosophy. From Tenet (2020). Much has been written about the theme of time in Tenet, a theme which animates Christopher … Continue reading Heidegger, Being, and Tenet

Why Sherlock is a good show

There are a number of criticisms that have been levelled against the TV series Sherlock, whose thrilling pace and theatrical poetry earned it commercial and critical acclaim any other show would envy. Indeed, I wonder if this is one reason for the criticisms — the green-eyed monster; what David Hume termed ‘jealousy of trade’. How … Continue reading Why Sherlock is a good show