The foundational contradictions of liberalism

Liberalism is an ideology—a system of thought. It has a centrepiece: the individual, defined by liberalism as a free-floating unit, separate from other units. It has two basic contradictions: The politico-moral contradiction; and The public-private contradiction. Meet Immanuel Kant: A founding liberal These contradictions arise from two factors. Liberalism: Accepts the early-modern separation between politics … Continue reading The foundational contradictions of liberalism

On the good: Truth, ontos, and telos

What is good? The answer I increasingly hear to this question is, 'it depends'--whether it be on cultural attitudes or on individual sentiment. But the answer mistakes the question for another one: what do people think is good? That's not the question. The question is: what is good? People sometimes go further, insisting that the … Continue reading On the good: Truth, ontos, and telos