The beautiful tragedy of Revenge of the Sith

Much is said about the Star Wars prequels that strikes me as a little unfair. I once conceded to the narrative by casting the Prequels as ‘political’ and ‘philosophical’, and the Originals as ‘artistic’ and sometimes ‘poetic’. But I think the prequel trilogy is its own form of poetry, one which echoes the golden age … Continue reading The beautiful tragedy of Revenge of the Sith

Heidegger, Being, and Tenet

I have previously analysed the film Tenet, written and directed by Christopher Nolan to lukewarm reviews, from the perspective of political economy. I would like to now approach the art film from the perspective of philosophy. From Tenet (2020). Much has been written about the theme of time in Tenet, a theme which animates Christopher … Continue reading Heidegger, Being, and Tenet