‘First Time’ and the albums

You were swift with your blade You lacked hesitation Your eyes were like oceans I fell till I drowned - First Time by Edmund Wilson As you may know, dear reader, my views on history and politics as expressed on this blog converge in a strange location or destination: music. And it is music that … Continue reading ‘First Time’ and the albums

The uniqueness of genius

I’ve been thinking about genius. It is often said that genius is unique. But what does this mean? On the origins of genius: Plato and Aristotle in Raphael’s School of Athens. The uniqueness of a genius lies precisely, I argue, in their ability to see past their own uniqueness. While everyone else looks at the … Continue reading The uniqueness of genius

Pain or suffering: The responsibilities of man

So much is said Of the misgivings frustrations sadness depression rights of man so little of the Responsibilities of Man A Monster for a Man don’t get me wrong after all is said and done none of us control our destiny unfold but watch as fate unloads its cart of horrors phantoms delights delusios dangerous … Continue reading Pain or suffering: The responsibilities of man