The medieval mysteries of ‘Attack of the Clones’

‘Impossible to see, the future is,’ notes Yoda in political discussions with the Chancellor of the Republic, reasoning, ‘the dark side clouds everything’ — an ironic admission in front of the secret Sith lord who had already seized the reigns of democratic power. The Chancellor’s next steps involved translating political power into military might — … Continue reading The medieval mysteries of ‘Attack of the Clones’

Heidegger, Being, and Tenet

I have previously analysed the film Tenet, written and directed by Christopher Nolan to lukewarm reviews, from the perspective of political economy. I would like to now approach the art film from the perspective of philosophy. From Tenet (2020). Much has been written about the theme of time in Tenet, a theme which animates Christopher … Continue reading Heidegger, Being, and Tenet