Machiavelli Against The Bullies

Machiavellian has become a byword for scheming, calculating, sinister, and manipulative. But that is exactly what Machiavelli is not. Let me explain. Machiavelli, the anti-bully? Bullies are not Machiavellian. Bullies are weak-minded, appetitive, brutish individuals who think they can impose their will by force on particular people — not to achieve any particular end, but … Continue reading Machiavelli Against The Bullies


Tribal Trivia

An article I wrote for my school magazine ‘INK’ when I was thirteen (unchanged, unedited). Please don’t be mean. – Slightly older Edmund More and more, I’m noticing something distinctly odd about our society. Even though every person on Earth has the capacity to show kindness and generosity, many people do not. Sometimes people are … Continue reading Tribal Trivia