The Dark Knight Ascends: The new synthesis of left-wing economics and right-wing rhetoric, and the future Ye Presidency

Original title: Twitter reflections on the state of #YE24 and the future Ye Presidency.

With regards to the unofficial YE24 campaign, I have been saying ‘both Nick and Milo’ and ‘neither Nick nor Milo’ in equal measure. This contrasts with the narrative that it is either Nick Fuentes or Milo Yiannopoulos leading YE24. I think Milo will get this going, but Nick’s opposition will act as a Malcolm X to Ye’s MLK in this new civil rights movement. I ensure Ye wins. Here is how.

Ye’s 2024 Dark Knight — on the way to Day 1 of the National Conservatism conference in London, a conference I have argued represents a form of Marxism Leninism, as does YE24. I hope to awaken political movements from their intellectual slumber. This will ensure the good wins, and the evil falls. True power ascends …

Will Milo or Ye give me an official position in the campaign? I don’t know. A confrontation with Nick may determine my fate in the campaign. If this doesn’t happen and Nick ignores me, Ye might just bring me to LA anyway — regardless of what Milo believes right now.

I take Milo’s side on Nick’s appalling defence of Ali Alexander, whose predatory behavior is quite evident now. But we need to learn from the villains in order to become heroes. Machiavelli’s right. I predicted this, and I will ensure we find a balance. Ye for President.

In the context of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films, Milo is Robin to Nick’s Joker — the successors to Nick are more like Bane (and profess as such on their Twitter profiles, just as Nick expressed his love for the Joker, mistaking Ye for the Joker at an early stage). Ye must rely on Milo for a brief time before synthesizing Milo’s pragmatism with Nick’s revolution against liberalism. Bernie’s revolution against capitalism will be vital to secure victory. I enter.

Batman is defined by his relationship to his villains — especially the Joker. I have suggested Elon Musk is Harvey Dent and Donald Trump is Commissioner Gordon — maybe there’s something here. Nick remains the Joker to Ye’s Batman. Ye must become the Dark Knight. I will help.

An afterthought: The general trajectory of politics is towards a similar synthesis of two traditions:

  • Left-wing populism, or Marxism: The economics of Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn.
  • Right-wing populism, or conservatism: The rhetoric and geopolitics of Donald Trump and Brexit.

I predict these two traditions will fuse into one, forming a coherent front against the liberal centre. In the Ye movement/campaign, Nick and Milo seemingly stand for the right, but Milo’s team has allowed me to talk about Marxism a little, while Nick’s supporters oppose this kind of talk. Ye himself talks about ‘a Trump campaign with Bernie Sanders principles’ as the basis of his movement.

For this to happen, we need a synergy of people and ideas. I think it is likely Nick and the alt right will form an opposition to Ye that shows Ye to be less extreme, just as Malcolm X showed MLK to be less extreme by comparison. Meanwhile Milo will bring Ye back into conversation with the elite, just as Nick ensures Ye has a popular touch.

This is a fantasy, however, since the Ali Alexander situation means Nick is no longer viable in the campaign, and Milo cannot tolerate Nick — while Nick slanders Milo instead of admitting his mistake in supporting Ali’s predatory behavior.

What is my role? Bridging between MLK and Malcolm X is a lonely task — it may ensure both Nick and Milo keep me at arm’s length.

It is up to Ye now. To build the movement of the future, Ye must bring me on board to lead Milo’s campaign and Nick’s movement in a decidedly different direction, with or without the leaders of said groups.

Milo cannot secure victory and Nick cannot support YE24. We need someone who can secure victory and support YE24 — by turning the entire movement in a whole new direction that attracts new supporters while offering a way for the old guard to vote Ye when the time comes.

The choice we face is decisive: Fake radicalism with Trump, Kennedy, Musk, Fuentes, et al., or true radicalism with Ye — a synthesis of these previous movements and an emphasis on truth over fiction. Meanwhile Biden stands for the establishment and everything we on the left and right should oppose: the totalitarian neofascism of the woke liberal centre.

I have explained before how liberalism, capitalism, and totalitarianism are the real villains — not individuals who are more like cogs in the wheels of an inhuman system of money and power. The mainstream media functions as an organized conspiracy, personalizing politics instead of emphasizing the material and structural basis of political power.

Ye’s politics may draw not only on the economics of Bernie Sanders but also on the geopolitics of John Mearsheimer, leading to a critique of Western appeasement of capital and China, and a pivot to containment of the dual crisis afflicting western civilization, the global working class, and the American republic. The time for change is now. The time for doubt and cowardice is over. Faith and courage will light our way from oblivion towards hope.

Trump and Bernie paved the way. Now it is Ye’s turn to reconstitute the centre in the image of left economics and conservative rhetoric. This alternative centre ground will dislodge the hegemonic centre ground of reactionary economics and pseudo-progressive rhetoric.

Only conservative Marxism can defeat liberal fascism, as I have explained. The movement to recalibrate liberal capitalism with the spirit and substance of Christian communism needs a structure and a leader. Ye is the leader, in need of a coherent structure — synergizing Milo’s substantive campaign and Nick’s stylistic movement. We must do this now. Time is running out.

Ye, bring me on board. It is time to prepare for the announcement — and, then, to win. I can deliver a Ye victory — twice. I am be Dominic Cummings to Ye’s Boris Johnson — securing two victories at the polls (in Boris’ case, Brexit and a general election victory — in Ye’s case, two presidential election victories, in 2024 and 2028). Maybe my role is different from this. It seems to grow all the time. But my priority is clear, and my loyalty is unshakeable: Ye will be a historic and successful two-term President, and I will make sure of it.

Shall we begin?


2 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Ascends: The new synthesis of left-wing economics and right-wing rhetoric, and the future Ye Presidency

  1. Edmund why would the campaign members call/hire you when you openly say on twitter they suck and if you were in charge you’d fire them?

    You simultaneously say “Milo/Nick CALL ME!” And then two tweets later ask for them to be fired. Why would they engage with you?


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