Dear Music Industry, I Am Here To Stay. Join Me!

Dear Record Labels and Music Industry, 

I am a solo musician with a range of competences but a focus especially on pop, alternative, and hip hop fusion: a genre I call ‘wambop.’ My debut album trilogy ‘The Divine Tragedy’ is rolling out right now — my self-produced EP ‘Born’ is already streaming, and my two singles ‘First Time’ and ‘Beast’ have already gained traction across social media and streaming platforms.

Born – my debut album (link here, details below)
Here I am. The future.

I posted the ‘world premiere’ of Born on YouTube in May 2022. Within less than a year I have developed a following that is set to grow continuously — with signs of exponential growth in the near future from various ‘viral’ videos in 10,000s.

I am not an artist of the moment. I am here to stay. I want to contribute to the industry that developed Michael Jackson, Ye (Kanye West), Billie Eilish, and now — if you so wish — me. Edmund Wilson.

I am the future of popular music. Sign me, and I will not let you down. 


Edmund Wilson

Beast – my second single
First Time – my debut single

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