‘First Time’ and the albums

You were swift with your blade

You lacked hesitation

Your eyes were like oceans

I fell till I drowned

– First Time by Edmund Wilson

As you may know, dear reader, my views on history and politics as expressed on this blog converge in a strange location or destination: music. And it is music that expresses the union of mind, heart, body, and soul. So let me link to the latest audio of my debut single ‘First Time’, on Spotify now, with an update on SoundCloud which includes additional vocals and sound engineering by yours truly:

‘First Time’ (debut single by Edmund Wilson) on SoundCloud.

Moreover on SoundCloud there is also the audio to the 5-track debut EP ‘Born’:

‘Born’ (debut EP by Edmund Wilson) on SoundCloud.

And work has already begun on assembling the material for my debut full-length album (or LP). Music videos have debuted for both projects, led by the songs ‘First Time’ and ‘Beast’. Performance videos of ‘First Time’ add to the project. And the convergence of pop and hip hop into the new genre, wambop, has only just begun.

Welcome to a whole new world. Are you ready?

First Time – live
First Time – music video
Beast – music video
First Time on SoundCloud

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