life, death, and the fear of true love

i live my life

in constant fear

not of loss

i accept that

as readily

a star going supernova, in the corner of a galaxy

as the morning dew

or the summer’s twilight blue

but of death

this I fear

more than anything

that in sleep

when my guard is


the panthers



that encircle

my corpse

carrion cry

lions die

I meet my end

and I ask


when I was trapped

prey to predation

where were you

my salvation

or my damnation

when all was hate

the hour was late

my life was short

and flown like dove

where were you

my love

my doe

my long-gone


my heart is gone

your teeth are red

I should have known

a weeping angel

I fed

and in your eyes

I saw the light

but to the farm

I was sent

and took my life

you spent my time

but time is up

I need it back

for I’m in hell

please dear

come back

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