the art of love

why is it

that every time

i am asked

to look

for a new girl

From Michael Curtiz and Irving Berlin’s ‘White Christmas’ (pictured: Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby).

a new woman

a lady to share in my


i cannot

bring myself

to let go of the past

i cannot help

but bring myself


to that shimmer

that sheen

the shining light

in your eyes

but no matter how many times

i recall your glance

your touch

your skin

like silk

i find myself


and further

from your arms

and so in your space

and on that empty finger

on which a ring should be

i turn our love

our once-was, could-have-been

into art


shall we start?

the bell’s a ringer


who will we be


or apart?

let’s see

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