Pain or suffering: The responsibilities of man

So much is said

Of the misgivings





of man

so little of the


of Man

A Monster for a Man

don’t get me wrong

after all is said and done

none of us


our destiny


but watch as fate

unloads its cart

of horrors




dangerous distractions

from the sober call

of destiny

the vocation of work

everlasting work

work that never pays

work that never ends

and so

our society

is one where men

no longer win bread

but men

are rightless


but not thingless

reliant on music

as food


as idiots

to make a trap

for fools

so do not speak to me

of our ills

for you do not know

of the responsibilities

of man

to restore order to chaos

to calm the roaring seas

to relight the emerald fire

to reunite the lost lovers

and forgive their old partners

to unite man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, woman and man

to bring balance

and with balance


with a priority

for the eternal spirit

that is the true responsibility

and dignity

of man

not a slave

nor a master


a servant

of humanity

a guardian

of women

and children

a bringer of peace

not wager of war

a knight or a steward

courageous or cowardly

but never ignorant

of the suffering

of others

nor unaware

of his historic fate

so let fate

sort out this riddle

and let the binary

become fantasy

and unity


beyond the responsibilities

of woman

and her man

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