to be a man

to take action

to be bold

to be wise

to be good

‘The Architect’s Dream.’ By Thomas Cole.

I am not

I cannot

I will not

I am a man

Who refuses to be

A man

or perhaps

I have not being

Nor do I have nothing

nay, I am becoming

what I am not

or just lost

what I forgot

I am becoming not

the man you want

Only the man

I was meant to be

But I was not in time

for you and me

I appear to be bold

but I am a coward

like a boy

lost at sea

No man

no Man

I see

Woman, you have been

man, I could never be

until cowardice

I forfeit

And I become whole

And we become one

And one another’s all

but that is not all

I am lost

so lost

I run

I hide

They hunt me

All exits blocked

No escape lasts forever

this prison of emasculation

lasts forever

until I

free myself

to be a man

the only man

you’ve wanted to see


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