My way now: How it’s going to work

Until now I’ve been reacting and responding to the world around me. I know I’ve benefitted in a way. But it does not stop the toxicity. So let me end it. My way.

donde esta la bibioteca

1. No more donations, no more investments. I want my money back now. I want some returns.

2. I want to bridge the gap between past and future. I will destroy financialised capitalism through the glory of the present. You scammers who circle my corpse, you will be the first to taste my blade. The weapon? Truth.

3. I am not compromising, I am releasing.

4. I am not stepping back, I am stepping up. Every look down is a lift off. Every takedown accelerates my rise.

5. My own money is only for music. Y’all can worry about marketing. But the market can ing itself. I am in. Out.

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