The Art of Music: My plans and prospects

I think music always comes in two steps. To make a musician, you need technique, or the sheer raw skill to play the instruments well and in tune, to sing powerfully and persuasively, and to produce slickly and elegantly. But then you need artistry. This is about creative expression, revealing truths about the soul that weren’t previously uncovered. Art is more elusive than technique, and it often comes after technique in a person’s musical education. But it is no less important, and is crucial to making good music. My music career from now on is therefore dedicated to what may be called the art of music. Let me explain.

From my Spotify page.

For five years I’ve been working on the music for a five-song debut EP called Born. The first song, ‘First Time, is already released as a single on Spotify, Tidal, etc. To make the record I had to draw on my knowledge of music theory and composition, recording sounds from the cello, guitar, vocals, and keyboard to create an atmosphere that could ground my artistry.

The next four songs dive deeper into my soul. I’ve premiered the album on YouTube but have been polishing and perfecting the studio versions since then. I am the sole composer, recorder, instrumentalist, sound engineer, and all-round musician behind the record. A new era of music, fusing hip hop and classical with elements of K-Pop and Latin pop, a genre I term Wambop, is being born.

This is just the beginning. My name is Edmund Wilson. Welcome to the return of good music.

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