The Omnicrisis

The world is beset not by one crisis, nor by many crises, but by the crisis of the Whole. The distance between consciousness and subconsciousness has collapsed. Taboo is now broken and reasserted as if it were nothing (well, technically, it is). Institutions are ripped up and put back together again. Crises are asserted and ignored in one breath. Welcome to the Omnicrisis.

Everything ends.

The market economy is rapidly adjusting our lives. It is consuming the state whole such that there is nothing left except the tides of the market. And we are blind to this. We are not just lost at sea — we do not even know that we are at sea. So how can we hope to notice the tidal wave approaching at a rate of knots? Well, we can’t. We can just hope it doesn’t matter — or that we will wake up, when the time is right. Let there be —

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