The good, a dream

I had a dream

You hunted me

My friends and family

Turned on me

Fed me poison


Called it medicine

What’s that? ADD? ASD? BPD?

Who cares

Their ‘concern‘

(A mask for control)

Does not concern


Only one diagnosis I seek

The medicine

For life


Give me life

Let me live

You do not forgive

Pretend to listen

Keep me on my knees

You are a tyrant

You’d make me a servant

Bent before you

Censor my words

Keep me from the temple

Like Spinoza before me

You expel me

From the community

Call me the enemy

I am the public enemy

The enemy of the state

The enemy of the monopoly

The powers that be

The serpents in the temple

Of stone

With their markets of wood

And bone

Toppled down

By Yeshua’s hood

Yes I’m back

I’m back

For good

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