I should have known

The way you walked

The way you talked


Beauty beyond

Orpheus, I am

Now they hunt me

Like an animal

Vultures, wolves, panthers

They feast on my corpse

A rotting carcass, I am

So sorry, I am not

Apologise, I will not

For loving you

Or *trying* to love you

Is the best thing I did

Or will ever do

And if there is a crime

Of which I may be held guilty

Linguistic or imagined

Feigned or untraveled

Then the crime

Was not for want of trying

And the only crime I committed

Was love

They ask me

The hunt me

They want to know

The root of my power

Through darkness or showers

The foundation of my



Where did I begin?

What lit the fire?

Why did my weakness fly

Like dove

The reason’s simple


Was love

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