My February prophecy of the evolution of the crisis with Russia and China, and my hopes for the future of music and politics

In February on the day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I wrote a piece which prophesied the recent turn towards more American antagonism towards China and more suspicion of the strategy of aggression towards Russia fuelled by Nato’s expansion. Now prominent academics are speaking out — using the language I used at the time, namely of ‘provocation’ being the root of this dangerous conflict. At the time I felt very alone. I am relieved that sanity is starting to prevail in more circles, including from wise voices on past conflicts. I see a similar occurrence happening with my opinions on, and contributions towards, music (links to my music and platforms being at the top and bottom of this blog). As with politics, I am hopeful that sanity will prevail. It will just take time.

Prophetic ponderings.

All in good time.

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