The Quincy Institute is a disgrace to the left

The Quincy Institute is critiqued by ‘the worst people’ who claim to be left-wing. Let me take the crown for that. The Quincy Institute is a disgrace to the cause of peace and prosperity in the twenty-first century. Here is why.

The provocation. How could I refuse?

The Quincy Institute thinks America and China can make peace over Taiwan:

Washington should unambiguously reaffirm the original elements of its One China policy and place clear limits on the level and type of contact between American and Taiwanese military and civilian officials. Beijing should unambiguously reaffirm its commitment to uncoerced, peaceful unification as a top priority.

Michael D. Swaine for the Quincy Institute.

What? America gives Taiwan to China? This is absurd. I think America should make peace with Russia in order to contain China — and even I don’t think America should give the Ukraine to Russia! What on Earth is going on?

A number of Congressional Democrats recently withdrew their letter to President Biden to make peace between Russia and the Ukraine. Meanwhile the Trump trade war with China is being merely padded with semiconductor sanctions of limited nature by America. The most severe sanctions given by Biden are on people working in China. Honestly, it’s just pathetic.

America must do at least two things right now:

1. De-escalate the conflict with Russia, and

2. Escalate the containment of China.

In other words, America must:

3. Negotiate peace between Ukraine and Russia,

4. Lift sanctions on Russia,

5. Raise sanctions on China,

6. Reaffirm its commitment to defend Taiwan against Chinese invasion,

7. Maintain and expand freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea,

8. Prepare for a possible Chinese blockade of the straits of Sunda and Malacca, and

9. Demand China immediately demilitarises and abandons all territorial ambitions or see its economy collapse.

America must defeat China with Russia’s help. That is the only way to prevent World War III.

And what is the Quincy Institute doing? Undermining peace and fanning the fires of war.

A researcher should know better.

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