Consider the children! The foul racism of Play By Play toward the students of Donda Academy

‘Racism still alive; they just be concealing it.’

— Kanye West.

I have written elsewhere about why Kanye West is the victim of racism and the modern version of antisemitism, as he himself realised when he revealed his Jewish identity. We view it as almost criminal to ‘dead name’ someone by gender, and yet media publications think it is OK to doubt what Kanye is saying. I mean OK, he’s Kanye — he will never be pinned down to any view whatsoever, or any particular identity. He’s doing his thing — I hope you’re doing your thing, too.


But the way Play By Play just crushed the aspirations of students of Donda Academy is vile. I cannot express in words my disgust. Children are not to be held accountable for the expression of their parents, and certainly not of their educational benefactor. Donda Academy is named after Donda West, mother of Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West. The children of the academy deserve equal opportunity. And yet the media campaign to scapegoat Kanye West, turning him into the modern Alfred Dreyfus, is scapegoating innocents. This could be seen as echoing the prelude to the Holocaust in more ways than one — but tragically, we have confused heroes for villains and vice versa, and we have confused cause for effect and vice versa. Kanye called it. It is happening. Antisemitism lives — and Kanye has come to overcome it. Godspeed Mr. West and the children of Donda Academy. Evil lives. But Good will prevail.

And to those who seek to inflict further cruelties on innocents and practitioners of free speech, I say what Emile Zola said to those who sought to use antisemitism to destroy Alfred Dreyfus in the 1890s: J’ACCUSE!

If you read The Origins of Totalitarianism front to back, you may figure who’s on the right side of history, and who wants to condemn us to a new slavery.

‘We in our own Holocaust.’

— Kanye West.

Disclaimer: Any similarity between names mentioned and actual individuals is purely accidental and largely theoretical. These are fun ideas to entertain but, as always, I may be mistaken. After all, what do I know?

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