The real ‘crisis of masculinity’ and its resolution

1. Violence is endemic to society.

2. But our society denies violence, while while failing to cure, that is, end, it.

Napoleon at the battle of Friedland, Horace Vernet, 1807.

3. Men tend to enact violence through history.

4. Our society therefore ironically denies masculinity through violent discipline — the threat of violence by the state prevents violence on the part of subjects, keeping the peace, but sacrificing something of the old order of things on the way.

5. The masculine leader is replaced by the feminine state (‘LEVIATHAN’) and market (‘BEHEMOTH’).

6. How is masculinity restored?

7. By means of MEN becoming WOMEN.

8. In this sense, the only true MASCULINITY is found in FEMININITY, which has for some time now acted as a vessel for forfeited masculinity.

9. The only true MAN is a WOMAN, and the only true WOMAN is a MAN.

10. Violence is commutative.

11. The avoidance and mitigation of the risks of violence are therefore guaranteed by way of a DIALECTICAL UNION in ONE PERSON of MASCULINITY and FEMININITY.

12. However, ONE PERSON is not sufficient to secure the PHYSICAL UNION natural to HUMAN AFFECTION and DESIRE.

13. Thus, insofar as an individual’s SURVIVAL depends in part on their ability to REPRODUCE, the maximisation of survival is secured by SEXUAL UNION of MALE and FEMALE, in TWO SEPARATE PERSONS.

14. TWO thus become ONE.

15. The institution of MARRIAGE secures this union.

16. But MARRIAGE is not on the decline due to MARKET DISORDER.

17. In a society of ANARCHY and a state of HIERARCHY, there is nothing but the LEADER who can save society from itself by way of a REPROGRAMMING of the BASIC STRUCTURE of society.

18. Such a leader is a MESSIANIC MIDDLE GROUND between ideals of femininity and masculinity. They are ONE.

19. How can they succeed?

20. Only by way of a STRATEGIC SURVIVAL STRATEGY which involves preservation of one’s OWN LIFE with consideration for the needs of OTHERS can this LEADER become ONE.

21. What if the situation is MISTAKEN?

22. It is either TEMPORARY or PERMANENT, and in neither case is it mistaken, for what is fleeting is imperfect, but what lives in eternity is perfect — in MIND more than BODY.

23. How can MIND and BODY be ONE?

24. By way of the HEART.

25. But the HEART is not enough.

25. Indeed. What else is required?

26. Blood.

27. Whose?

28. Mine.

Disclaimer: Any similarity between names mentioned and actual individuals is purely accidental and largely theoretical. These are fun ideas to entertain but, as always, I may be mistaken. After all, what do I know?

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