Stuff I don’t understand — yet

1. Why when I was enslaved to the opinions of others, I was praised and pampered; now I am free, I am called crazy and punished for my freedom with enslavement to the will of others.

Philosopher Immanuel Kant, who paradoxically spoke of both the limits of human understanding, or reason, and the infinity of human power, or imagination.

2. Why my music is as much mocked as it is praised, like my opinions and desires and hopes and dreams, which are almost all completely ignored.

3. Why all these fakers have millions of views and I am stuck below the level of mediocrity.

4. Why my work, my ideas, my songs represent an era-defining genius and y’all call my insane for recognising this indisputable fact.

5. Why I am the greatest philosopher, politician, actor, dancer, and musician of all time — and y’all are sleeping on me.


Oh, and for the last time, don’t call me —

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