My predictions in 2022 and how they’re doing

I’ve made a few predictions about politics and music this year. Let’s see how they’re doing.


That Liz Truss probably wouldn’t become British PM — completely wrong; my domestic political skills are found wanting — though I did note the Party was swinging towards Truss’ position. I never calculated how far. Lesson: Never underestimate the hard right.

That failing to make peace with Russia would drive it into China’s armscompletely correct.

That Lisa is the future of hip hop and global popprobably correct.

That Sabrina Carpenter is the future of pop — possibly incorrect, given recent chart disappointment.

Here are my predictions in order of success:

1. International politics;

2. International music;

3. Domestic politics (UK); and

4. Domestic music (USA).

My political knowledge surpasses my musical knowledge, and my international focus is keener than my domestic focus (either on the UK or the US). I need to brush up on my sense for the market of music and my sense for the internal dynamics of countries. I will.

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