The birth of the moral state: On the politics of social strength

The market state is a private state; politics for some. The moral state is a public state; politics for all.

The market state destabilises basic necessities, weakening the commonwealth and strengthening private wealth.

The moral state stabilises basic necessities, strengthening the common wealth by weakening the wealth of private interests.

Lycurgus of Sparta, who founded the ancient city-state on the principles of equality, community, and discipline. Perhaps we might add, as a further pillar of virtue: liberty.

The market state serves the 1%.

The moral state serves the 100%.

The market state survives on individual weakness.

The moral state thrives on social strength.

The market state is uncompetitive, since it survives on collective powerlessness.

The moral state is competitive, since it thrives on collective power.

The market state is the past. The moral state is the future.

Politics is the bridge. Social strength is the vehicle. Moral fibre is the guiding light.

Let us begin.

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