The last gasp of individualism

Individualism, the philosophy of the modern world, has long been under strain in the context of a deeply collective world system, where everything and everyone depends on everything and everyone else. The structural relation of entities in a whole is entangled with their contradictions with one another, as states find themselves separated from one another. But states aren’t really separate: the separation is artificial and superficial, compared with the deep similarity of all units of natural and social evolution. The idea of the individual, an inseparable unit separate from all other units, is a fiction. And, to quote the TV series 13 Reasons Why, the truth will out.

A star before explosion (CalTech).

Individualism is nearly destroyed. This is clear by its apparently universal hegemony, which is the result more of desperation than anything else. Anything towards the end of its life will reach out in ways it has never reached out before, before closing in on itself, like a black hole after a supernova. Of course, the stronger the supernova, the longer the implosion following the explosion will take. The explosion of individualism is followed by the implosion of collectivism. From separation comes reunification. Individualism is not surviving; it is dying. This is its last breaths, and its last death. But it may go on for some time. A god takes a long time to gasp. And individualism is the last god left; or, at least, the last god worth killing, perhaps except the source of individualism — the love of money. But to quote the singer AURORA, who in turn paraphrases Dr. Seuss (another godlike name, echoing the king of the gods, Zeus), ‘when the last tree has fallen, you cannot eat money’. Neither can individualism.

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